Can Square survive (prosper?) the increased competition from Shopify and Google?

Shopify is doing well despite keen competition from AMZN. Now that Google and Facebook are joining in, is the pie too small for so many players? Sell SHOP?

Stock SQ has been trading within a broad range of $50-$83 since Oct 2018.

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Google pay still exists? They totally screwed up that one and missed the market. It’s what’s left of google wallet which was an epic failure.

I had taken my eyes of SHOP for a bit. I remember I traded it about 14 months ago when it was in the low 1xx. I can’t believe it’s 300+ now. :frowning: I’ll just wait to see if I can get a lower entry point.

You miss a buy n hold (hopefully forever) stock. These kind of stocks are hard to come by :slight_smile:

Buy now and if it gets lower buy more.

What about Netflix. Stock in free fall .
Time to buy?

With AAPL coming with $4.99 video service and Facebook coming with video service, NFLX and ROKU are permanently going down. With high P/E, it is hard to trade.

Wish I bought ATT last year. Finally took off.
Never understood Netflix. Too easy to get free service through a friend. Never watch Amazon or Apple. Watch Netflix occasionally.

Disney Streaming is now open for pre-orders.

I own a few hundred shares of ATT since a few years. Finally seeing paper profits!

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Last year I bought AT&T at $27 but sold 85% around $35 retained the profit only now. Regret selling T.

Recently, I saw NLY (REIT) too low at $8.20, eight year low, got it for 12.23% dividend return.

Probably can buy back @$35 soon :grinning:

Love how quickly the discussion moves away from the topic of the thread! :joy:

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AT&T kind of stocks are not for trading, but for good dividend flow.

I won’t be buying anymore as I still have 15% of the original purchase intact. I am just looking at some good dividend payers to buy at low, hold long to get proper income stream.

The stock spiked with Elliot Management activist coming with 3.5 Billion hold. He will pressure AT&T to divest non-profitable areas.

Going back on topic.

we feel that SHOP stock is currently in “sell” territory in the near term. However, we believe that investors can pick up the stock for long-term gains.

Follow your strategy of,

Or wait for it to hit 200-day SMA and/or overbought in RSI?

Shopify has a price/sale ratio of 27.8. Can anyone find another stock with ratio higher than that? For reference, Amazon: 3.5, Netflix: 6.6, Roku: 13.8, CRM: 9.2, FB: 8.5.

Square’s price/sale is 6.1 and people are screaming bubble. And yet people think Shopify will rocket from the current valuation of 36B?

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@manch We talked about SHOP in the 10x thread earlier Jul 2017. You said don’t compete with AMZN, then SHOP was trading at $30s. Since then, it hit an ATH of $400s, and now retreated to $310s. You’ve missed a whopping 10x over two years stock :scream: Financial analysis is not a good way to value a stock.

Unless my computer is fooling me SHOP was trading around $90 in Jul 2017.

Missed the 4x run up, but maybe I will miss the 4x run down as well?

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Misread :blush: That doesn’t change the fact that you miss an opportunity based on your FA :scream:

That’s fine. Can’t catch all the fish. Before people said Shopify is only complimenting Amazon and not competing. Now that they are building fulfillment centers is people’s opinion still the same? FC’s are very expensive to build. Shopify competing with Amazon on logistics? Good luck with that.