Fire sale at amazon

True, love seat is there for $13.24

Many, in our company, placed orders including me.

[EDIT] But it Looks like amazon scam, someone scamming Amazon !! We suspect this may be cancelled by amazon soon !

Ok, now doesn’t this fall in the “if it is too good to be true, stay away” bucket? I am not a big Amazon user but I would be very reluctant to order this since that means exposing my credit card info for possible fraud.

We had similar thought process as if exposing our credit card. Perhaps, with that idea the end suppliers would have started this.

After a discussion, we IT folks, finally came to a conclusion that credit card details and charges are held at Amazon itself and will not be passed on to end suppliers.

In fact, the end suppliers, new vendor Just launched, will not get any money until Amazon verifies the charges and approves it.

That is the Amazon guarantee !

Ok, @Jil, post a picture of you sitting in that couch!!! I have to see it to believe it!!!

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I do not know whether I get that or not, but here are the orders and status !!!

It is now listed for $463. I wonder if they will honor the misprint!

I do not think so. Even from our team, there were orders more than 30 pieces, someone ordered 3 sets ! They can not meet any such commitment !!

Come on, what a waste of time! What is someone going to do with 3 sets of the same couches? Give to a sibling? They don’t want to have the same furniture as you! Better to use your time on here or looking for that next property/stock, @Jil…

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On stocks, How is Palentir Private placement $7/share? Peter Thiel Company !

$463.42 look again. Just like homes for sale, when you look again price has quantum jumped.

Two people have given seller feedback as fake seller in Amazon.

Meanwhile, seller, registered from Canada, shipped something from China

Fun continues !

It happened to me once. Ebay. A software program I needed so cheap I cried of happiness. Later on I got the email from Ebay saying it was a pirate selling copied software. My money was returned, but days later I noticed charges up to $600 in my Paypal account. Money was refunded to me but I believe it was that seller the culprit.

For those not familiar with shipping. A guy from China can send a small item to the US, for pennies, while we have to pay to begin with at least $2.61 for 3 Oz package. So, imagine a piece of furniture shipped within the US? My goodness!

Exactly. I shipped a food item to the big apple relatives yesterday…20 bucks… the food item costed half that…yes, where was the logic in that???

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That’s nothing!
Days after the earthquake in Japan, I was at the post office, and I almost cried when I saw an old Japanese couple putting one or two loaves of bread ($6?) into an international Priority Mail box ($60+).

Ok, that def takes the cake… there must be a way for us to fix this (make money from such a ludicrous situation…)

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What if we had a dedicated network of people all around the world in key markets. Person A from US wants to do just that, send a loaf of bread to some relative in Japan but too expensive realistically. Our team partner in Japan does it for that Person A for a fraction of the cost since local, but of course at a profit for us. We use paypal or some kind of international currency exchange (no bitcoin). Could we scale up big enough to be viable and profitable?

We are talking about a humanitarian crises here, not about making money. Your solution would not work because there was no food available in that area, but is is a good thought.

Right, but who doesn’t have something needing done in another country but doesn’t have a safe haven contact or medium to do that? We will provide that kind of service for you…at a price

I think that sometimes human nature gets in the way, so, if people hear that there’s a free shipping service to their country, then you will need to check if the items they send are for a special need like food or medicine. That creates some kind of wasting time/$ situation.

I also think about the strategic situation. The mail system may be in disarray over there, so they can’t guarantee the delivery of packages but they will charge you for it. Who knows, I am just trying to find a common ground here.

Shoot, I am talking about even simpler items or tasks. For example, I literally sent something from here that one can buy in NY I believe technically but because it is kinda of a gift thingy my mom wanted me to ship it for her to her relatives back there. I told her the shipping would be more than the cost of the item itself. She didn’t care. It’s the thought that matters. What if your NY partner picked up the task from there, buys the item easily, and then giftboxes it and delivers it at a fraction of the price otherwise? Obviously, need to do a lot of deliveries/tasks to make it worthwhile…