First New Unicorn of 2017

and it’s in San Jose!

Eric Yuan, CEO of San Jose-based Zoom Video Communications, deflected questions about his company’s valuation while bragging about the fresh $100 million in funding he disclosed Tuesday.

But two reports said the Sequoia Capital-led Series D round created the first new unicorn of 2017 from Silicon Valley, giving it a value of at least $1 billion.

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Eric Yuan was from Webex and then Cisco. It’s a very solid company with $900M valuation. But it’s old tech, its valuation will be limited. Could be acquired by Cisco, Juniper or even Google.

There are too many of these companies around (High Five is another one). GoToMeeting got acquired by Citrix last year.

I thought bluejeans is quite hip in this area now.

I thought the new wave is VR and telepresence? Video conf is so last decade…

VR is for games mostly.

What’s telepresence? Is it different from video conference? Maybe some day Google or Facebook can replace all the video conference vendors.