First time home buyer - Fremont / Almden Valley/Cambrian ? 1.5M budget


What? Come on, I never compare or envy what my Big Bro has. Could care less. As long as I am happy with what I have I am good to go. Besides, he doesn’t have a CRX and he wanted mine badly…


Nice one ! :rofl:


Didn’t you have a sister or sis-in-law who lives in PA and tried to cheat everyone out of their money on that Sunset home that had unlucky 4s’ in its address? I was referring to her not your big bro…


Oh yes, that would be family on my sister-in-law’s side. Sad but true. I hear they did not speak over the holidays. The mom (RIP) should rain fire down on that daughter big time!!! Why is it that the sibling that has a lot (I think my Big Bro has more, but who’s counting…) wants it all???


Because that’s how she ended up with a lot in the first place… :rofl:


It won’t end well for her… I believe in sheet like that


This coming from the guy who believes that motivated people are more successful.

She sounds SUPER motivated.


Doing the right thing is most important. You don’t fight for something while your mother’s dead body is still warm…


Some people also believe “you blink, you lose”. For them, these times are the best times to gain advantages.


Happy New Year @john!!! Come on, let’s not advocate for greedy, spoiled people wanting to take more than even what their own mother would have given to her directly!!! She is rich, she lives and owns in PA for Bezos’ sake…


Happy New Year to you as well @sfdragonboy. I understand your sentiment and I myself would feel the same way. But if you read enough history, ruthless people have enormous advantages over normal people. I don’t advocate for it. I just pointed out one of the traits that make people successful(in terms of power and finance).


Agreed, absolutely! Wasn’t it just last week when I posted that story about the two Indian brother moguls where the older brother essentially wiped out the younger one by undercutting him in the marketplace? I say, all’s fair in war except when it comes to family. Everything else goes…


I love that @hanera is on a horse and @wuqijun is walking. I think you need to upgrade your mode of transportation to a Tesla, @wuqijun :joy::rofl:


He likes to pick on me the most out of all people… poor me… :rofl:

Hey @manch, let’s not forget that @hanera called you “greedy” and predicted doom and gloom to you… :rofl:


What about commute from Almaden Valley to Santa Clara, 95050?


95050 especially south of El Camino is much more manageable. I haven’t taken this commute path for a while. If you take 880/17, then the transition from 17 SB to 85 SB is always bad on the way back. I used to commute to/from 95054 on San Tomas Expressway/Camden. Two slow spots were the intersection with El Camino and Winchester. If you work south of El Camino, you have only one slow spot.


Happy New year sfdragonboy…


Year of the SFDragonBoy.


Happy New year sfdragonboy…

Since south San Jose is less expensive compared to other areas, Traffic starts at Almaden Expressway itself towards 85 North. Even carpool lanes are fully packed during peak hours.


Happy New Year @BAJacket!!!