First time home buyer - Fremont / Almden Valley/Cambrian ? 1.5M budget


Are you holding grudge against your own sister who is rich and lives in PA? Be proud of her instead


Happy New Year @BAGB!!! No, this is my sis-inlaw’s sister…Leona Helmsley would be Mother Teresa in comparison…


Happy New Year, sfdragonboy!


Are many self made billionaires mean? Or it’s just people are jealous?


They don’t become billionaires by being nice, that’s for sure.


Warren Buffet and Bill Gates seem to be nice. Bezos is mean.

Google billionaires seems to be nice as well.

Hopefully we don’t need to be mean first in order to be successful.

If you are mean, people will dislike you. Without supporting people, how can you succeed?


You don’t have to be mean, you can also stab people from behind while smiling in front of them. :wink:


The issue is that my sis-inlaw, not the oldest, was the chosen one to be the right hand of the mom. That pissed off the sister of course. Well, the mom knew she was bad news, meaning she knew she would take it all (when she doesn’t even need any of it, at all) if she had the chance to. So, yes, jealousy played a major role here…


Calling me greedy is a compliment. Greed is good.


Ok well, I hope you’ll get lots more “compliments” from @hanera:rofl:


Wear a T short with the slogan “I’m the Greedy Landlord in SF --Manch”.


Hide a knife within a smile

Sow discord


Yes :frowning:


Why is there so much hate for a TH in an expensive area like PA? There’s certainly a market for it. I know someone who bought a TH in Atherton just to get the zip…


What exactly is different between a TH and a zero lot line SFH in SF? No HOA? Is that it? Fatter walls?

This TH hate is very irrational.


Isn’t a TH technically or literally sharing a common wall in some way? That may no be absolute I suppose. Agreed, it is not a big deal… but again I prefer SFHs. We have our likes and dislikes and when the price tag is so high well I personally don’t see the value just to get a zip code.


Yeah… I’m kind of puzzled at the TH in Atherton. The only one I can think of would be zoned for Selby lane.

Is this the one on El Camino just south of 5th Ave?


I wouldn’t dismiss it as “just HOA” for TH. I had a terrible experience with a busybody in Sunnyvale. This woman would yell over my townhome fence asking me to make my kids stop crying ( toddlers ). She repeated this “advice” as we walked to the garage with our kids. I politely told her that I’ll call the cops and report her for harassment. She backed off.
And then there were the repeat notices from the HOA committee - i had been over-eager and had my halloween decorations out too early or my plants were growing over the fence repeatedly.
I will never ever live in a TH with shitty HOA rules again.


Yes that’s it. In fact I just looked up recent sales and it looks like one got sold in the same community for $1.25M in 2016. Is that a steal or what to claim a zip code in Atherton :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s why I avoid condos and THs for personal living spaces. I suppose if the numbers work out for you on them for rentals, fine. To me, a home means you can pretty much do anything reasonable to it without some hoa coming down on you. Who wants to live under conditions like that? Did you like living under mom/dad’s roof with their rules??? Probably not…