First Time Home Buyer in San Jose Area with 1.2M Budget

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Any recommendations and/or guidance on where to buy our first home in or around San Jose? Specifically, what neighborhoods and schools we should be focusing our search? Our budget is 1M but are willing to go as high as 1.2M. We have two young boys, so decent schools and a nice neighborhood for them to grow up in are our first priority. We also want at least a small backyard for them to play. We are looking to buy a 3 bed 2 bath, but are willing to buy a 3/1 or 2/1 and add on later. I work from home and my spouse works at Santa Clara University. A commute less than 40 minutes would be ideal. Are there any neighborhoods or school districts we should be targeting? Are there any neighborhoods that are expected to appreciate faster than others and are in our budget? Any help is appreciated.

Have you looked at Fremont? SC university is off 880 so commute should be within 40 minutes

A 4/2 1800 ft house in Evergreen can be had for around 1.2M. Schools are decent and commute to SCU is short. You can even just go local to avoid freeway traffic.

Not quite yet. You need to only search homes 10% below your budget (Sold/asked ratio=110%) and plan 1-4% for closing cost and overpaying due if the appraiser is difficult.
Hint: The closer you are to central or business part of any city the more expensive and worse the schools…

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Hard to get good schools with 1.2M in South Bay. Moreland in West San Jose is only decent but you have to go up to 1.5M at least.

You can try Berryessa Ruskin/Piedmont Hills High neighborhood. Can be had for $1.2M with schools almost comparable to Moreland.

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Can you look at the thread (even though his price range is higher) and extract info (locations I posted).

Milpitas is also good choice.