Fixer/Full remodel - won't long last - Cupertino 1.25M - hope someone here owns!

Just curious. What happened to the house? Has anyone lived here in recent years?

Anyway, i guess it will sell over 1.5M.

wow. $1.5M sounds high for land only value since it’s just 6600 square feet.

well considering that inventory is low, I too expect it to sell for over 1.5M. That’s been the median value for lots in Cupertino for about a year now.

What was peak value for lots?

Probably 1.65. This one is a good example - it was listed as ‘opportunity for new construction’.


1.25M/6060 = $206 per sqft which is higher than $165 :thinking:

If lot is worth $165 per sqft, then you’re paying $1.25M - $6060*165 = $250k for the structure.