Fixing stuck vinyl doors and windows

We have vinyl windows and sliding doors that are very sticky. What are your recommendations for getting them sliding easily again? One article I read suggested removing them (which I don’t seem to be able to do to the doors), vacuuming and cleaning them and then using silicone lube.

The silicone lube stinks quite a bit, so I bought something else which is probably mineral oil, but not sure it’s working that well.

Any suggestions? I need something that doesn’t smell like WD-40 and doesn’t have toxic warnings especially regarding not breathing it all over the bottle. A lot of the windows are in bedrooms.

I was just going to suggest WD-40. :upside_down_face:

Sliding doors have rollers that need to be replaced

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should there always be a way to take the door off the tracks? Because i"m not really seeing one…

Best to hire a pro. But older sliding doors often need need new rollers.

Ok. Thanks–I was going to ask that next. It looks to me like getting the door out will require unscrewing the top track and leaning it out. Which is probably a big job.

So I was working on a window. I cleaned it and oiled it (Liquifix which is probably mineral oil) , but I can’t say that it’s sliding any better. These are vinyl windows. They are clean and seem mostly smooth on the bottom and on the edge of the windowsill. But there is a strip of fiber on both the top and bottom of the sliding part of the window. Should that be there? Looks like it’s to keep bugs out, but I’m not sure why it would be necessary on the bottom since it’s sitting right on another piece of plastic. Seems like it’s going to create a lot of friction–see picture where the metal piece is pointing.

I don’t think it’s a fiber issue. It’s probably the track in the center.

If cleaning and lubing it didn’t help, it’s probably an install issue. It’s possible there wasn’t enough clearance when they installed it.

Oh goodness. all of the windows in the house are like this more or less :frowning:

I understand it’s hard all the time, but is it slightly harder during certain types of weather? If so, I’d say this is it.

Hrm… I don’t know. I feel like they’re always difficult, but I don’t think I opened them much in the winter. We’ve only been here a year. I don’t remember how bad things were last summer, but I feel like the windows were never easy.

The doors have been easy/hard consistently though. Like the easy ones stay easy, and the hard ones stay hard (though lubing has helped).

Man, that is ONE costly window… LOL (See ya in the history books…)