Flash Mobs anyone?

I am exhausted!

This morning, it was about 2:30 in the morning, my famous alarm Skipper and now our new addition Sneakers, started barking and they woke me up a bit. They do that sometimes, but this morning besides their scratching their cages or the other barking, I heard the mumble jumble of people in a multitude talking. I peered through the blinds, and the few hairs I have left on my head stood up. Out there, on the street, I witnessed what I counted with my inexpert eyes, tens of youngster walking, running, yelling come here, no! go there, ones pushing the others to walk away from a point to my right hand side I couldn’t see, and some others running away. My wife woke up too and joined me. Fearing for anything serious, dangerous, and recalling the incident on Bart in Oakland or Sacramento, I called 9-11.

That’s when things got interesting. I was interrogated if I was sure they weren’t having a party. If I could see if they were armed. Were they intoxicated? If this, and if that. I told the operator to please send at least a unit not to check up on them but to control the mob. As I was begging, I see tens of teenagers, they seemed to me to be of that age, it was dark, I was trying to not be seen, and they were coming out of a house that sold 2 months ago but was in special renovation, small stuff to be changed.

That’s when I begged the operator to put a priority on sending units. She still asked me a few questions of where they were, where they were going, age, any cars, etc. Somehow, the rascals got a wind of the police coming by and I saw them running away. That’s when I got scared because I could see more than 50 youngster, a few cars among them. Dang! I said, if they grabbed my car, and turned it upside down, I wouldn’t have any recourse but swallow my pride and see them doing whatever. I have a baseball bat at my reach, and believe me, I was ready. Rambo would have been proud of me…dying for nothing! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cops finally arrived 10 minutes after I called for help, 98% of them rascals were gone. I saw a sheriff patrol unit and the regular police force. Final outcome? One kid was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. I don’t know age or what, I just saw a bandage on his head. The house? Well, while the patrol units were around with their emergency lights on, I saw the inside lights of the house turning on, of course after the cops took an eternity to make sure it was safe to get in. When I saw the lights on, that’s when I knew they had found any door broken, the only way they could have went in. This afternoon when I returned from my office, there was one sheet of plywood on the front door. I just know they must have done something awful inside that home. Just when the new owners were about to move in. Allegedly they were moving in next Monday.:scream:

Now, I hope this is not unique to my area, I’ve never seen so many youngsters together at this early time in the morning. I blame this on so many irresponsible parents out there. Were they lower class youngsters? I saw couple of very luxurious cars, you know, the ones they use to play fast and furious. One of them was a big and luxurious suv.

It can happen to you any time. If you see more than 10 youngsters or people gathering all the sudden, start grabbing the phone and dialing 9-11. Better to be wrong than sorry. If you let them get speed, nothing will stop them, and when police shows up, they may find your property vandalized. I was prompt to call the police for help, but it seems my priorities weren’t on their list.

which city do you live in?
I called the cops in daly city few years ago, a few 4-5 young kids playing in front of people’s lawn at night, i called the cops and they arrive within 5 minutes and question them, never seen those kids again. Daly City cops are really good, an another time, a new move in renter in front of the block having a party when they move in. the music is so loud you can hear them half a block away. I tolerate them until 11:30 before i call the cops. arrive within 5 minutes and they’ve been very quiet ever since.

San Jose.

What killed me was the slow response from the police dept. I believe that the same as they did with invading that property just about to host their new owners, they could have invaded any other home and the cops wouldn’t arrive on time.

That’s the danger of this mob, one too many that can’t be caught, so the law of numbers apply, they can catch one or two, but not the whole bunch. The perpetrators usually go away.