Flipping it in Portola


Bought for 935K back in March. Just listed for 1.26M, a 324K premium. Looks pretty good!

How much did the remodel cost??


Not cheap over 250k imo


Flippers will be losing money then.


It should sell easily over 1.4 imo


Very detailed oriented remodel… nothing sloppy about it!!!


Is this a nice area? Fringe of Excelsior?


Portola is pretty nice, especially if you go a little further west away from San Bruno Ave. But @harriet said there are bums mooning people in that area…


That’s right. And the agent should not have posted pictures of restaurants; you know the neighborhood is alarming when all these businesses have gates in the front.


Just closed at 1.6M !! :fire: 340K over list.

Flippers bought in May for 935K. Grossing 665K.


Net is much much less though. Still wonderful price for that area