Flipping (Oakland)

3/1/1100 asking for 420K. Bought for 270K last May. What took them so long? That’s the Number 1 sin of flippers.




Another flip in the same area! This one is done much faster. Bought for 240K on 10/28, listed today 2/28 for 418,888. Too bad its street number is 544. Pass.


No before pics. Just after:

NOT Repossess Drive but Reposo Drive

What? Our Fearless Leader going with the lucky street number strategy? Actually, I suppose someone could twist this one around and say the 5 preceding the 4s could be meaning no death. It’s a stretch, but we always take the positive side when it serves our purposes…:grin:

The best friend for the number 5 is the unlucky 4, but not the lucky 8.
54 number means “not dying” and

Well the street number is 544. So the first 4 gets neutered by the 5 but you still have the 2nd 4 to deal with. :slight_smile:

$420 is still $100k less than it sold for in 1999

You guys can’t be serious…

Oh, yes, we are dead serious…:grin: sorta…

Here is an old story about this craziness for 8 and shunning of 4…