Floating House in Redwood City


OK. I didn’t know floating house is a thing in RWC. I know about the house boats up in Sausalito but they are small cutesy things. This floating house is a massive 2200-square-footer! It’s pretty darn cheap by RWC standard, only 600K. But I suppose you don’t own the water underneath? Can you get evicted from the water and have to drag the floating house to berth somewhere else? How does it work? The listing didn’t mention any docking fee or HOA?


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I love it! Except for the lack of backyard. :frowning:

@elt1, how do these things do in an earthquake? Seems like they should do well as long as they were designed to rock and little and deal with waves.

It looks very nice.

I was curious about floating house and found below link gives me useful information.
Although the article is mainly for Portland area, I think general facts can apply to RWC floating house as well.

To me, main downside seems

Floating homes are considered personal property and there are fewer lenders that offer loans. Interest rates are usually about 1 1/2 to 2 points higher than for real property loans and require a 20 to 25 percent down payment, with a term of 20 to 25 years.

Terri, take a tour and let us know!


Perfect scenario to get rid of yourself as a drunk person. :innocent:

After drinking a six pack of beers, you forget everything, then you need to go to the backyard to take a #1. “I’ll see you later honey” you say, and s/he will be smiling because they know you don’t know how to swim…:smiling_imp:

Oh boy, I love floating homes. I really do. :wink:

No mention of floating house is complete without talking about… yup, Sleepless in Seattle.

That most famous house boat in the whole wide world also has 2200 sq feet, and sold for 2M !! two years ago.

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Great in a quake…not so good in a Tsunami. …Structures have little value…the land has value. …Like owning a trailer in a trailer park…rent is unpredictable

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Thanks, but honestly, I’m not a water fairy. I really want a garden and a backyard, chicken coop, etc.

BUT that is a fantastic price for that square footage, without a doubt.

Are there tsunamis on the Bay?

There was a 1 foot high one after Fukushima. .no damage in the Bay…but lots of damage to Santa Cruz harbor…more like 2’ high there…

Chicken coop sounds fun. :slight_smile:

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