Florida is the new tech destination?

It seems Twitter’s Jack Dorsey is looking at Miami.

Is not a new destination. Many had went there. If you like sailing and hot chicks like Larry Ellison, Miami is ideal.

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Rabois moved to Miami instead of Austin because:

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Have you heard of the TV serial Miami Vice? Is a place for drug trafficking and gays, other than sailing and hot chicks. One more thing, you can’t go there because just look at the mirror and then check out Miami demographics, you will know the answer.

In 2018, Rabois married Jacob Helberg.

Sorry, no gays in Austin.

Austin will forever suck if that’s your attitude… smh

hot chicks like Larry Ellison

I never considered Larry to be a hot chicken, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion!

Quora: Will Miami become the new tech capital of the US?

Nope, not before much of Miami is underwater. Despite what Americans like to believe, wanting something to be real doesn’t make it real.

The likely candidates for tech leadership in the U.S. South are Atlanta and Austin. The one interesting thing about Miami is a relatively large amount of venture money in play, but that money isn’t solely tech venture money: it’s going to restaurants, to shipping and trade, and other things that Miami already does well.

Florida has no top computer science or engineering programs. One of the reasons Atlanta’s done really well in the past decade or two is the rise of Georgia Tech into the top tier of engineering programs. You cannot build a true U.S. tech hub without that top school.

I haven’t operated in Florida, but I know a lot more tech professionals in the Orlando area, not Miami. If anything happens in Florida, I’d bet on Orlando.

What’s really happening is that mediocre VCs and once-hot companies are moving for tax reasons and saying big things to attract attention. When Facebook or Google move, or one of the very top VCs (e.g. Khosla, Sequoia, Accel, KPCB) moves, then it’ll be worth noting. Keep in mind that most VC firms did worse than the U.S. stock market for the last decade or two: the top can really pick winners, but the rest aren’t anything to write home about.


You meant that one guy moving to Texas? I heard his fortune has shrunk quite a bit since the move…