Forget Russians, FBI is the real scandal

So the guy that made sure the phrasing protected Hillary from prosecution over emails was later removed for his anti-Trump bias. Oh, and the guy was one of the top experts on Russia, so I wonder where the Trump/Russia connection came from? This keeps getting better. I wonder how much air time this will get.

Feinstien says that Russia is not important any more. Comey firing is now the focus. Also they are investigating trump’s bank account. The investigation can go in any directions until Trump is impeached

This is starting to look as ridiculous as the birthers.

Since Nixon all politics is gotcha politics… Reason number one why Congress gets nothing done…
Instead of legislation why have endless hearings on whether there was a pubic hair on a coke can…pathetic.


Government is too big. We give too much taxpayer money to them so they can do all sort of things.


The dumbest was all the hearings on steroids in baseball. Nothing came of it and it was a massive waste of time and money. Why is it even an issue for congress to address? If you think there’s a drug issue, then we have the DEA for that.

Mueller seems to be in trouble in term of public opinion

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He needs to finish or his work will have been wasted. No matter what he finds Trump will be in office till 2020.
2/3 of the Senate will not vote to remove him from office. Thusly his investigation is a waste of time. Even the looney left realizes that and has become crazed. Maxine and Hollywood be damned. The more they complain the more support Trump gets.

They will never get over that fact he was elected without the popular vote just like with Bush.

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Comey is being investigated. At least 4 FBI employees showed blatant political bias in text messages during an investigation. It looks like 2 of them have been fired. It keeps getting better.

The swamp is going to drown everyone near it.

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