Forget S.T.E.M. Education, Tell Jr To Paint

Come on, I’ve seen artwork by kids equaling this…

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…or act, or throw a ball.
No one ever buys a ticket to see a scientist.


Yeah, but there’s a reason starving artist, starving musician, and starving actor are phrases. Starving engineering isn’t a phrase.

Yeah, except one minor problem. .Gustav has been dead for a long time…Very few artists actually get wealthy or famous while alive


Nobody goes into art for the money… though many who have money and careers indulge in the arts (unexpectedly even George W). I had a poster of that Klimt painting hanging up for a long time in college… .at least the family usually gets royalties.

Obviously the market has spoken, but I was amazed that this was considered “great art” and at 59M to boot. Some famous paintings I def get it…

Except in SF. :slight_smile:

Every hippy at Berkeley had this Klimt print back in the 70’s.

Some of ofhis originals have sold for over $100m…Too bad he has been dead for 100 years. …I doubt his relatives get anything. .The money goes to the patrons that own his works

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My most prized piece of art, by herpetologist Robert C Stebbins. Done using some sort of acrylic media. Just an un-numbered print. No commercial value whatever. But just try to find one.

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Not bad…I prefer this maaaasterpiece…

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Don’t forget velvet Elvis paintings

I kind of like Malevich’s Black Square (just kidding) Price ? - Google it :wink:

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Velvet Elvis is a better deal…lol


lol…Velvet Elvis doesn’t come close in commanding the negative capacity the Black Square does, however.

Or not… apparently even some patrons were stripped (looted) of the paintings themselves. Gustav had other relations (beyond monetary) with some of them, although his children may never have gotten anything. One, however, was saved from the Nazis when she was recognized as Klimt’s offspring instead of her Jewish father. There was a movie about it: Woman in Gold (film) - Wikipedia

As to “Forget S.T.E.M. Education, Tell Jr To Paint” I remember the words of another parent, one of my all-time-favorite artists: When pop goes the weasel, let go of the easel

Incidentally, @sfdragonboy, I just started that online Architecture and Imagination course and it is fabulous (the video on “Perspective”, mind-blowing!!). It has made me think more about the buildings I’ve visited. For instance, Gustav, the artist in the OP, was a founder of the Vienna Secession known for Art Nouveau with links to the Arts & Crafts movement (focusing on crafts and “DIY” - anti-industrial/mechanization). Julia Morgan, renowned architect of the Bay Area has many famous works there, including Asilomar in Pacific Grove: Asilomar Conference Grounds - Wikipedia

Is that Acre who’s reflection is seen taking the picture in the glass?

Very cool! I wish I had the time to do the course (gotta finish up the taxes before rehabbing another rental unit…)

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Yes - my defining features obscured by Ms. Tortoise.

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Nowadays they have all kinds of apps to “fix” this kind of thing. :grin: See exhibit below:

Try to beat me on this one…I bought it in a garage sale many years ago. $5 for a Monet

Not a real one, but try to find one…for $5