Former KGO personality stays anchored in Bay Area by downsizing to sailboat

When I first lost my job in the mass firings that decimated the KGO Newsroom in San Francisco, I had to think fast. There was no way I could afford my room in a Sausalito houseboat at $1,450 per month, and my fancy gym membership at $210 per month, on the meager unemployment rations the state would throw my way. I’d be broke, dipping into my savings to afford my Bay Area lifestyle. Something had to give.

So, I put in my notice at the houseboat, canceled my fancy gym and made plans to go from news anchor to at anchor, and live with my boyfriend on his 41-foot sailboat.

Pretty beautiful essay. I threw away tons of junk myself moving from SJ to SF. It’s quite liberating.

Yeah, I still laugh every time I get my gym renewal - I pay $24 a year for a decent, well known gym chain. That is 2 bucks a month to stay healthy at any of the gym locations all over the world and I get to relax in the steam rooms and jacuzzi to boot. Water usage alone from showering is probably more than 2 bucks a month.

Wut? Where is that? Subsidy from work? The lowest I found is $10 a month at Planet Fitness.

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Yeah, no longer available to the general public. 24 Hr Fitness used to have these “lifetime” promotions where essentially you paid 2 or 3 years upfront and then it reverts to this amount for the rest of your life. Obviously, they were banking on folks signing up (at the full rate for multiple years) and then simply not going anymore. Bad bet, folks!!! A few years back, my local 24 Hr gym hung up a huge notice that, yeah, these deals are no longer available. Best deal I ever swung on anything!!!

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Now I am super curious about that $210/mo gym. Is that one of those super hardass cross-fit gyms? Does it include free manicure?

In keeping to real estate parlance, that is the Sea Cliff plan… I have the Excelsior plan and quite happy with it.

What is the bayview plan?

The Bayview plan is: you get to only use 1 specific treadmill, 1 specific elliptical and 1 10 lb dumbbell. Oh, sorry, the treadmill and elliptical are broken at the moment but they should be back online soon…Knock yourself out on that 10 lb dumbbell in the meantime…

Here’s the Haight-Ashbury plan…

Haight is so freaking expensive man… I’d love to live there.