Foundation issues :(. Looking for advice


Hi, I have a primary residence in Milpitas with foundation issues. It’s a crawl space.

  1. One vertical crack in the foundation wall
  2. Sinking of about 2 inches in one corner of the house and about 1 inch in opposite corner.
  3. Cracks in the stucco and exterior stem wall
    As a result some room doors and windows don’t close properly.

Quote from FROFCA is $ 42k. 20 push pier installations on 3 sides of the rectangular structure. 42k is a huge expense. I was looking for Foundation companies that can do for a better price than that. Any suggestions? Larrabee was one that I found but I dont know much about them. Most charge a fee to inspect and waive (or partially waive) if given the contract.


Private message me and I can give some input.


If elt1 doesn’t respond, PM him.


**1-2". Why bother to do anything? Minor issue
Address drainage. That should be your biggest concern… Flat ground or slope?
How old ? Vertical foundation cracks are very common…


Milpitas area, flat ground. 1979 construction. I didn’t understand the drainage. Is it the drainage of water away from the foundation? OR is it the underground sewer drainage?


FROFCA says the foundation damage happened due to earthquake. Don’t know which one though.


Foundation/crawspaces need to be dry otherwise might cause additional sinkage. You need to have good drainage system to keep rainwater out… Although, one of my rentals there was a big hole under the shower so all the shower waste water went directly into the crawspace everytime someone took a shower, and that has happened for a long long time. I think I might have since fixed that problem… hard to check to make sure with tenants living in there and such… Well that particular house has all kinds of foundation issues anyways so I’m not too worried as of yet… :slight_smile:


Get water out of crawl space and away from the house… Roof drain water should be directed away from the house… Sounds like you are on expansive clay… Common problem… I would not go with an expensive foundation fix for 2" out of level… More than 5" maybe… Although I just bought a house 5" out due to tree roots


House has been there 38 years… moved 2"
What is your urgency?


Is there any much impact when the earthquake hits? His foundation contractor said the crack was due to earthquake, not sure if that’s accurate


But a minor vertical crack is not a big issue


Thanks Elt1, Wuqijun and others. I’ll let you guys know what I end up doing in the next 2 to 3 months.