Foundation issues

I have a question about concrete perimeter foundations. How serious are exposed or undermined wall footings? The home is about 70 years old in the Cupertino area. I don’t see any noticeable cracks in the driveways or garage floors. Don’t see any sloping on the floors, or cracks on walls/ceilings. There are some minor cracks on the outside stuco. Thanks for any feedback. @Elt1

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This is the picture. Not sure if it’s clear.

Looks like a minor issue

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Thanks so much @Elt1. I thought footer is a horizontal concrete slab at the bottom of the foundation wall, and it needs to be wider than the wall itself. But I don’t see anything wider than the wall at the bottom. Could you please explain the picture to me and what is the issue here?

Hard to know. But a footing acts like beam. Should have no problem spanning up to five feet over a soft or eroded section of support soil.

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@Elt1 can you pls give your comments on this home inspection report?

Put out rat poison. Unfortunately vermin are common in most houses.

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Best not to use poison. They can get into the food chain, so unintended animals can get poisoned, like cats, dogs.

To keep vermins out, just close off access points. If crawlspace is not closed off, build a door to close it off. Put up wired screens for air vents, to both crawlspace and attic.

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All my air vents have wired screens but… now and then, telecom mess around with them, cutting them open without telling. I have to check those vents regularly and patched them.