Fountain Of Youth?

:scream: :scream: :scream:

Too gruesome… let’s stick with botox, people!!!

Too bad you guys don’t have kids… :vampire:


Scary… Too much risk of disease in blood tranfusions. Is there any way that could be guaranteed to be safe?

I’m now having flashbacks of scenes from Dune.

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It’s now very important to become wealthy. Wealth can stop aging and make you live forever or for many generations. Who wants to try this as the first from our forum? Let’s see how they works at the next summit :smiley:

"Using biotechnology and genetic engineering, Professor Yuval Noah Harari, a historian from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, claims the wealthy will transform into a new type of divine, immortal human with complete power over life and death.

He argued that the rich are set to become God-like cyborgs in what could be the ‘biggest evolution in biology’ since life emerged."

One word: telomere.

All your cells’ telomeres have a set length. They get shorter and shorter with every division. That will eventually lead to the inability to replicate. Without cell replication, death is for certain.

You think you can live forever? Think again… Hahahaha…


A biologist with wisdom :rofl:

It’s a 2 step process. First step, you utilize young blood to extends your life expectancy to 1000 years. During this 1000 years, Ellison and Gates will hire people to work on telemere shortening problem and come with a solution. As your property continue to appreciate over the 1000 year span, you should be able to afford a genetic operation after 900 years to make sure you’ll be eternal, if you still want it after a 900 year real world experience.

This is totally an elitism scheme though. Maybe voters will vote for a free telemere operation for your section 8 tenants so that you will still have section 8 tenants to help you pay the bills :joy:

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Um… let’s leave this to a sci fi novel. Maybe you can start writing one with same exact plot… :laughing:

Stem cell is actually really cheap now. They can harvest stem cells from your own fat. Then inject the stem cells into any injured area with the leftovers going into your blood stream. For men, testosterone is really cheap and offers 90% of the benefits of growth hormone. You can take drugs to lower your estrogen levels. The rich can afford growth hormone which is very anti-aging. For less, you can get peptides that stimulate your own growth hormone production.

Um… nothing beats a healthy diet and regular exercise… so much for that suckling pig I’m craving after… :sob:


Exactly. So forget the wealth, make sure you exercise, eat well, and have a standing desk.

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Just read today standing all day makes you twice as susceptible to heart attacks.

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So much for the trend of standing desks…

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I’m sure if you run all day and all night you’ll die from exhaustion in a couple days. But running is actually beneficial to your health.

Everything should be done in moderation.

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You sound like my coworker who scorns me for running marathons…

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Which one?


Right. You should not run marathons… :slight_smile: