Fremont <1.5M still very hot

I was in the area near my old place and saw this OH so I stopped by and chatted with the agent. Property is on the market for just 5 days and there are at least 40+ realtor cards stacked at the entrance. And according to agent about 60 families yesterday, and it was 4 - 5 families while I was there for 15 mins. Elementary is one of the best in Fremont, High school is okay.

Any taker this would go above 1M?

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Isn’t the Warm Springs area a bit better? Price is slightly higher but you get Irvington High which is pretty good.

Yes, Warm Springs is better for schools and I think prices are higher too. Or lot is too small. Another thing is depending on where you work, Ardenwood and north Fremont is desirable to people who cross the Dumberton bridge where Warmspring is more to people who use 880.

I like the N Fremont area for investment. Ah, too many choices, too little money… :cry:

In last 4 or 5 years, this is the first time mortgage rates shot up during Nov-Dec period.

I am seeing lot of redfin hot homes in bay area, as people try to get in early, by the mortgage rates going up.

whats expected mortgage rate for 30 year fixed , if fed increases rates.

Jim the Realtor down in San Diego said mortgage rates will actually come down a bit after Fed announces the December rate hike.

That’s good to hear. Can’t wait for remodel to be over. I surely need solid comps for my cash out refi in summer.

I’m in N fremont and Oliveira/Thornton jr/ American high 9/10/10.

My neighbourhood has comps in 1.1M range (remodeled ones and it’s the max). New construction going around 1.1 to 1.3

I believe good middle and high is must for people putting down close to 1M range, for people buying home for elementary, kids are likely not even school going age so do they really care about a 1900 sft home?

Washington high doesn’t help for this home, it might go for a 1M but I wouldn’t personally

This is opening in 2017. Few blocks from my home.

Although schools are good north Fremont needs some nice restaurants and shopping areas.

Nice. I was surprised to see the construction today.

So the Artist Walk is like the Rivermark Plaza down in Santa Clara?

Also I was tracking another big project that’s like a mile away from there (near City Hall). That one is much bigger than this “Artist Street”. And hopefully it starts soon.

Here is more details:

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Honestly did not know Fremont has a downtown! :cold_sweat:

Just buy low in Fremont as I suggested since Day 1. You will make money.


I remember few years before FishMarty (ex-redfin) told Fremont is too high. He had seen Fremont in 400k ranges.

Yes, Fremont, Union City and Newark are one of the upcoming places in bay area, best potential for growth and Fremont leads them.

@myo Just above a mil

Wow, Fremont chugging along nicely. This one is exactly the same profile style of that fixer that I went to look at. The entrance is smack dab in the middle and the house is more left right than deep. I am anxiously awaiting to see what that fixer goes for (will post results) since that will say a lot.

@sfdragonboy whats the address on that fixer again?

4154 Bullard Street. The 4s were an initial deterrent (j/k) but asking was only 569k for a 3/2 home with 5700 sq ft lot, that I had to at least check it out. Went pended immediately. Def nowhere near the condition and location of the one you posted. If the crappy one goes for anything near 700k, OMG… it was bad…pretty bad. you mind as well buy the prefab home and just replace the whole darn house with it…

Wow, 1M was my guess.

Another one in the same area, basically the same original layout, but added sunroom is added to square foot for bigger place:

Maybe 1.1M on this one?