Fremont <1.5M still very hot


Will they be like 2017 prices of cupertino in 2020? 2.5M a pop.


Interesting one. 150k above norm.


What do you think of Centerville and Washington?


$142,000 over asking


@BAJacket and @RealEstatebull take note.


Note the 888




Per sqft price.


Coincidence? :laughing:


I think not! this is a weird number on its own otherwise: 1,224,988


2 and 4 are not a good combo though.


I dont think buyer solved an equation to maximize 8s and minimize 4s and 2s


Should have offered $1,218,800 ($883/sf), save $6K too :slight_smile:


Another one - more then 300k above asking. Will it sustain ?


This house the listing agent git more then 25 offer and he played double end - giving to his known BA ignoring highest bid. How do I know, some contact - don’t ask :slight_smile:


The listing agent cannot hide anything from the sellers. So somehow he/she managed to convince the seller s that the highest offer was risky. .:slight_smile:

Point is the sellers are the main decision makers.


you are correct, he found loop hole.


So what was the highest offer? I’m interested because I live in the neighborhood.

Pm me if you don’t want to share in public :slightly_smiling_face:


One weird mental trick to convince sellers to sell to a lower price.
Sellers later hate it.


This one is still in the market :slight_smile: