Fremont <1.5M still very hot


Ok finally, chinese pricing strategy pans out - PENDING!!!


Despite the killer 4’s, Pending!!! Fremont is HOT!!!


Boom!!! $110K over asking for killer 4 address!!! Fremont, the city that gives and gives!!!


Uh, oh, chinese pricing strategy no help on this one!!! What happened??? Is the place just not nice enough to command top dollar???


Ok, two more decent “starter” homes go for mid 700K in Fremont!!!


Not in this bucket, but somebody got a good deal here:

All you need is 1.1M in cash and you can find a good flipping deal.


Ok, not bad, reaching 800K now…


Inching towards the million dollar bar…


Congratulations Fremont! Unless I heard another town on the radio, Fremont is out of crimes for 2 years. There hasn’t been a homicide in that period. That’s amazing! :tada:

Either they have good people living there, or they are the ones terrorizing other cities around, or they are all dead. :rofl:

Speaking of flipping, our friend from Santa Cruz would be the indicated to tell you the truth.

As far as I know, a good flipper is the one who knows the trade. For example, my neighbor worked for 3 days with some family and friends and in about $4K he installed a brand new roof. No permits, no nothing.

You can paint a room in one day, with about $200 each. From there, I can’t say anything about costs, but if you are looking at pictures of the outside of a home, you don’t know if they did a remodel or just did put some lipstick on the pig.

That happened with the house from hell in my hood. About $50K spent on a 4/2 1/2 home. I had to repaint, for free, the livingroom, the stairs and a hallways because their paint skills were trashy. Owner redid the entire kitchen. It was sad to see the new crew breaking the counters and the cabinets, all brand new!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Putting on a new roof is all about labor. .If you have free labor it is a slam dunk…Same with painting, hanging sheetrock and a lot of construction. .The tough part is when you need skilled trades like plumbing electrical sheetmetal and framing.
As far as painting a room should only take an hour per coat…We paint 2 bedroom apartments in a day with 2 painters…Bid $1200…my cost $300…with $12/hr Tahoe labor…and Behr paint


Hey @RealEstatebull, Bullard fixer at 649K… non permitted second unit action


Framing is skilled trade? The one thing I won’t touch is copper plumbing. I’m just not consistent enough with the torch to have zero leaks. I think everything else can be done with some experience. It’s just a matter of time when you’re working full-time. How much of your evenings and weekends do you want to give up, and how much are you willing to drag out the project by doing it part-time?


Might look at it this weekend. BRRRR strategy in action here


Ok, maybe because I am off work today because I can’t earn anymore vacation time but what is the “BRRRR” strategy again?


Most people already do that, some fancy name on

BRRRR strategy—namely buy, rehab, rent, refinance, and repeat


Aaah, yes, need to add that to my vocab since it def applies to me…

Let me know what you think of the place…


Framing not only takes skill it is hard work…A crew that can frame a house in a week or two is a fine tuned machine…Roofs and stairs are particularly difficult. …Layout is tricky, reading plans, setting elevations, leveling up walls…If have seen some of the worse framing jobs ever…One building was 1 1/2 inches out square. .Another 5" out of level…Another that was leaning 2.5"…Not too mention hundreds with missing and misplaced items…unfortunately many framers are unskilled, but a good job requires a lot of skill and good management. .Many jobs are poorly supervised. .On many they dont even have the approved latest plans…


Why is there so little innovation in construction? Prefab can’t be applied everywhere. You need a lot of space to maneuver. We need more new technology in construction. We are running short on labor already.


New technology is easy in the cloud…Very difficult in the real world especially when regulated by government agencies. .All construction innovative has to comply with current codes and by tested ad nauseum. .Besides any innovative that is patented becomes an immediate target for innovation. …You can’t sue trees for bad 2x4’s…But you can sue Georgia Pacific for defective truss joists…
A prefab house becomes a manufactured product, subject to manufacture product liability laws…


Not sure what they do, few folks I knew joined this company.