Fremont lovers, what is the issue with this home?

It is listed, delisted often. Even though MSJ district home, the location looks odd !

Fremont lovers, what is the issue with this home or location?

Bad address number and you would be essentially paying for the land (which admittingly is fairly large) since the house itself is almost a teardown. Put in one of these prefab beauties, petition the city for a number change and it would be huuuuuge…

Hmmm, I do not think people look at address numeralogy for prime Mission San Jose Schools.

Nice pre-fab !

I understand the power of the Mission San Jose Schools, but an astute and careful buyer should still consider whether an address number meaning “easy to die” is easy or not to overlook. Hypothetically, let’s say you have two identical Mission San Jose homes selling at the same time in identically good locations. One is 2424 Fourth Dallas Drive. The second one is 2828 Double Eight Drive. You can’t tell me that the second one won’t sell for way more. It will. :wink:

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