Fremont Mobile Home For $166K?

Never buy mobile homes. NEVER!


Space rent is over $1300. From the looks of the park it is not worth it.

Just buy the parks


There was a Stanford grad who rolled pretty big in mobile parks. I linked to an article about him here. He teaches classes on buying mobile parks and he even has a forum like ours talking about nothing but mobile parks.

But you know what he says? Never buy any parks in California.

Buy in Oklahoma.

Hi March mind to share the link?

I think the biggest worry is the “ kind of people “ living in the parks

Here’s the old thread.


I’d go with FL or AZ and only buy 55+ communities. You’re not going to have the tenant problems you do in a low-income mobile home park. Just make sure the shuffleboard court is well maintained. As more and more baby boomers age into retirement, you’re going to have increasing demand too. Most people have <$50k saved for retirement. They’ll be dependent on social security, so they’ll have to live in a mobile home park.

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Uh, Pending, folks… I thought this was such a bad investment???:grin: