Fremont Schools/Newark Schools

Need some advice regarding schools, preferably from people with kids in them or have friends with kids in them.

In the Fremont/Newark area, how are the schools in areas where the price is under $500/sq ft and not because the house backs up to the freeway?

Are there schools that specifically aim to meet the needs of “high achieving” kids–ie kids that tend to score 85th-98th percentile across the board–schools with a healthy G/T program or who track in middle school or earlier?

I don’t need a school that handles profoundly gifted kids–doesn’t have to be Nueva level–doesn’t have to be catering to the kids who are taking SATs in 7th grade and doing better than the average senior. Just need a level down from where they have accelerated math programs in middle school and are willing to track.

Yes, drink the Fremont Kool-Aid, @Terri!!!

I’ll think about it, but I only like the lemon flavor. Anything else, forget it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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So, are you specifically referring to areas right off Dumbarton?

I believe Ardenwood & Warwick Elementary school areas are reasonable from quality stand point. (This is off older API scores, don’t know details on the questions that you asked). Junior high and High schools are the same for both elementary school areas.

Patterson Ranch in Ardenwood area does NOT feed into Ardenwood elementary schools

If budget is @1.2M+ the $/sq ft drops. If budget is $900-980K, $/sq ft goes up.

I guess the assumption is a good question. I think I’m looking close to Dumbarton on the assumption that someone will want to go to Mid-pen to work sooner or later. Initially I’d consider keeping the kids in #2’s school in RWC if #3 gets in for 2018 because I know what I’m getting. But it means crossing the bridge every day (pro: it forces me to go to work, con: I hate commutes, and if the local schools are decent, it might not be worth it)

DH and #1 would use Fremont Bart to SF.

Price max is $1M. I’d like 2000 sq ft.

[PS: Last I’d checked, properties zoned for the better schools for 2000 sq ft were $1.2M and over)

In this area, at this point of time for SFH, to stay within a budget of $1M, the only option I see is smaller sq footage @1400 range.

Here are a Couple of houses which sold in the Northgate area recently:

This one was upgraded nicely so $/sq ft was higher.

For better schools you mean?

Because there’s this (on 34 days, so clearly past normal offer time):

Also this (though close to freeway—probably a negative for me)

Yepp, I’m giving examples ONLY of areas with houses with ALL 3 GOOD schools.

I see… Hrm.

So if I only cared about middle school and high school, does that make the search easier?

So you’re recommending the following schools, but mostly based on Greatschools/API scores:

Warwick Elementary School (Rated 9)
Public — K to 6 — Serves this home

Thornton Junior High School (Rated 10)
Public — 7 to 8 — Serves this home

American High School (Rated 9)
Public — 9 to 12 — Serves this home

:slight_smile: I know it can be stress full, however take it easy… the sky is still blue.

Try Patterson elementary area. The Junior & High schools are good(However, you need to check subjective criterion which are important aside from API scores)

Another area I’d recommend is with Grimmer elementary in 94538, mid and high are 10/10. You get a lot of discount from Harvey green elementary area which puts you at all schools 10/10
The neighborhood doesnt feel great when you drive by but is changing fast. But the homes in this area are around 1100 - 1500 sft max.

I only looked at API scores. Everyone’s needs are different.

I got my ratings from the link below( Till 2013)

For most recent ratings from California Department of Education look here(NO API scores here)

Nice to see that FUSD is allowing kids to take classes at the local community college…

I’m assuming that kids needing math past Calculus BC for their senior year could be on any of the campuses from what the course list seems to imply (any except maybe Irvington).

Yeah. My needs are mostly that the kids are happy/challenged but not overly pressured with the possibility of a year of post-Calc BC math for #3 in senior year, and some design/business/photoshop/animation classes for #2. If we stay, #1 will continue to go to his school. If we move out of range of SF, then I need dual enrollment at a university, not CC, or 3-4 years of math past Calc BC for #1. Found a high school with 2 years past Calc BC in St. Louis, but still checking into dual enrollment options at one of the two universities. Better than nothing. Just need to keep him busy until he can drive himself.

And I need > 2000 sq ft. Because after our last trip to visit family, I’m in love with those 3000 sq ft homes (and we’re running out of space in our 1800 sq ft place)

For > 2ksft homes, Dublin/Pleasonton/San ramon is the only option. Morgan Hill/Gilroy are too far I reckon. :slight_smile:

Dublin/P/SR are way too far of a commute for both husband and kid. Need to keep that SF commute under an hour and on public transit. (Plus if I go back to work, I wouldn’t want to be that far from the kids still in local schools.)

New homes, looks like good community. Budget @200-300K more. Check schools. Call for price.

Yeah… I noticed those–looks like a lot of new construction at a lower price–I’m very surprised and wondering if it’s just a teaser price.

One thing is that I can always keep the kids in the RWC district. So the schools don’t have to be good, but i do want to know what I’m getting into because then I’m committing to making the drive everyday.

And now I’m back to wishing we’d bought in RWC when we could’ve :persevere:

I’m soooooo done with all of this. :frowning: