Friendly Acres (RWC), Belle Haven (MP), EPA future

What do you think the future of these ‘up-and-coming’ area? Could it be the next Sunnyvale? Few duplex on sales, 2 bed 1 bath are renting for $3200-$3500 in the area. Relatively decent rental income while waiting for gentrification in the Bay Area?,property-type=multifamily,include=forsale+mlsfsbo+construction+fsbo+foreclosed

IMO, good for rental, but looks to me high crime areas. Elt1 is expert in RWC area.

I remember you could buy houses down there for $150k in 2009. Huge price appreciation. Crime is probably abating. But the houses are old and tired.

Now a crappy one bedroom apartment that needs rehab is $300k. Notice the 33 unit building asking $10m for a fixer. Almost all one bedrooms

If you’re buying rentals, I like that area for it. It’s going to keep gentrifying and cash flow is probably decent.

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Don’t forget - EPA is rent controlled for many years already.

more thinking duplex in the friendly acres, the stanford campus is opening next year and I happened to be a low paid employee at the tech giant nearby. But up-and-coming neighborhood + duplex price drop more during downturn.

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