Front Doors - types and where to buy

Suggestions on where to buy front doors. What material is considered best for security (strongest) vs what might be easiest to maintail.

I have a perception that a fancier front door also leads to better eventual resale value - what do you think?

And I have a perception that although double doors look fancy, they are not as strong when it comes to security, which is the primary functionality of a front door.

Btw, when it comes to door, would you also share your favorite front door lock and why you think it’s the best?

Go with fiberglass

I would agree that a double door is easier to (forcefully break) open. But I also don’t think that a locked front door is much of a deterrent. Don’t burglars typically enter through patio doors or windows from the backyard? I have not locked my house’s doors in 15 years (but I’m really uptight about locking my vehicle’s doors, even if I just walk around the vehicle to fill up gas).

Regarding the locks, there are differences. I used to buy properties at foreclosure auction and they typically did not come with keys, so I have hired a locksmith quite a few times. The Kwickset and Schlage locks from HD are picked in about a minute. But once I had a very nice house in Aptos. It had a commercial grade lock, and after half an hour of my watching, he sent me away, it took him … a few hours?

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I’d did the Kēvo wireless lock. The good thing is you can send someone a temporary key. You never need to hide a key outside.

This is the most interesting piece of feedback. Do you remember the brand name of the commercial grade lock?

unfortunately, I never saw the name (it was not visibly stamped on the hardware).

A Google search shows this, not pricey at all: