Fry’s Electronics, a favorite of tech enthusiasts, will cease operations

Don’t think I have shopped at Fry’s for the last 10 years. Maybe 15.

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All Bay Area stores are in prime locations. If they own real estate, I hope so, they can turn money by residential buildings.

Probably not possible due to zoning.

Maybe mixed used… commercial downstairs plus 2 to 4 floors of condos.

I read about office buildings for the Hamilton Ave lot.

Yes, that is what nowadays they build with mixed buildings. Still, they are holding prime locations, Sunnyvale, San Jose and Palo Alto…etc

I used to go regularly to Fry’s… in the 90s, buying a modem, sound card and the like. Basically stopped going there ~2002.

Bought a ridiculously low priced gas range for a rental in 2018, the only visit in 15+ years. Store character had already changed.

I am seeing a similar situation in an auto parts store … Winchester Auto Parts. Many empty shelves. No selection on some stuff. Told the sales guy just yesterday “are you attempting to force me to go on Amazon?”

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At least at the Palo Alto location they are just a tenant. The owner (Sobrato?) and the city want to develop the parcel and neighboring area in a huge way but it’s now crippled by this:

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