Garbage-hoarding bag lady is secretly a millionaire

She’s got piles of trash — and piles of money.

An eccentric Brooklyn woman who drives a graffiti-covered clunker isn’t just a can collector, she’s a brownstone collector with real estate holdings worth more than $8 million, records show.


She has to buy houses to store her garbage.
Can’t afford the rent and landlord may evict her due to hoarding :smile:

Lisa Fiekowski (not pictured) told the New York Post she makes $20 to $30 a day collecting cans around her neighborhood.

The New York Post on Wednesday published a profile of Lisa Fiekowski, a Brooklyn millionaire who collects cans as a hobby.

Fiekowski owns more than $8 million worth of real estate around New York City and has an MBA from the University of Chicago, the Post said.

She says it’s a good way to keep active, but her neighbors and family aren’t pleased about it.

She might be the daughter of high flying Jewish parents. Her $6M could come from her parents instead of her garbage collection hobby

Fiekowski is the daughter of high-flying DC economists — her dad was the chief of economics for the Treasury Department’s Office of Tax Analysis and her mom traveled the globe negotiating trade deals for the Department of Labor.

“She was a globe-hopping diplomat. She was a trade representative. In fact, she knew Condoleezza Rice . . . She said, ‘I always knew Condoleezza was going to go far,’ ” said Fiekowski.

Hope she never ventures out to Sunset - lots of competition there.

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“I moved to New York in ’79. Can you imagine? I bought a one-bedroom for $22,000. I thought I’d paid too much,” she said.

I can imagine a PA house costing $40K but not this!