Gas tax

I don’t know about what the gas tax is being used for over there. San Diego county is getting $311 million from it. The majority is being given to the transit district with some also being used for express lanes. Not one cent of it is being used for road repair, which I thought was the main reason for it. I am voting to repeal it in November.


If it’s not used for road repair, how is it spent? We want to know before we vote

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They spend most of it on public transit projects which always end up going WAY over budget.

I’m all for transit. But it’s an election fraud to use road repair funds for transit. We should prosecute and put the officers in jail.

Let Mueller or Brown to investigate the road repair fund

isn’t the car registration also up by a significant amount?


The gas tax legislation also creates an annual vehicle fee. Starting Jan. 1, drivers will have to pay fees ranging from $25 for cars valued at under $5,000 to $175 for cars worth $60,000 or more. This is in ADDITION to current annual registration.

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NO!!! We need every dollar for my high speed rail!! Just close your eyes at the gas pump and you won’t feel a thing. Promise. :wink:

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Soon we’ll have Jerry Brown on radio during commute hours saying “Our infrastructure is crumbling, we need the money to fix our roads” .


If I ever want to ride high speed rail in my lifetime I will have to go overseas

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Live to 100 and you too can ride the HSR.

All the taxes I will have paid by then should buy me a private train car…lol
Think about it …$200b divided by 20m tax payers $10k each.

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California has the biggest economy in the union and we have so many high flying businesses bring home the bacon. Sure we can afford some choo choo trains if 3rd world countries like China can afford theirs.

It’s time for California taxpayers to demand responsible spending and responsible taxation.

Prop 13 on income tax!

Gas tax for road!

Registration fee increase or gas tax, not both!

We have an extremely wasteful state government which may increase all fees and taxes to pay for the retired government employees.

I think gas tax is the trigger for the taxpayer revolt 2.0.

Even more serious, this gas tax can make Republican comeback a reality in CA.

They can build cheap and don’t have to pay huge right of way costs. Plus they have the mass transit at either end to make an integrated system. The current Ca Choo Choo will dump you off in LA where you will get mugged walking to the rental car lot…

China pays third world wages to build it. California pays $150k+ for each union worker who’s probably doing 1/4 the work of someone in China.

Caltrans has been caught passing out fliers on the job to support the gas tax. I am definitely voting against it now.

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Bureaucracies, government workers, public service unions and contractors and state pensioners are in a bunker mode. It is them vs the rest of us. They are determined to tax us to death.

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