Gene editing

If the technology is available, I am afraid that nobody can stop it from happening.

If gene editing can make new born babies living for 1000 years, smart, strong and aggressive, will all of us be eaten alive?

Of course, I’m wondering whether they can edit our genes to make us more competitive.

In the future, parents can program their kids to their preferences. No more difficult parenting and no more bad kids.

Hypothetical questions are hard to answer. What if these modified babies don’t talk to any normal humans, what if they dont procreate, what if they live alone on mountains, what if they turn out to be criminals? I’m sure that will change the answer.

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Is this similar to genetically modified food?

Really! You are very paranoid.

I’m sure they’ll do all these things - just as unmodified people do.
We’re doing nothing that isn’t otherwise left to chance. Is there risk? Yes. But there always has been. We knew little about how the Salk Vaccine would affect millions before mainstreaming it. Progress is risky and sometimes messy, sometimes not. But the potential to improve the human condition here is too great to ignore.

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On a lighter note - I couldn’t resist!

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Aka for Corinthian leather and

Seems that scientists are outraged but the general public is not that concerned about this.

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All futuristic movies shown bad results from human tampering with science. Starting with Frankenstein.


Gene editing isn’t necessarily going to make people stronger or better. We already have those people in our population. Do you feel threatened?

I can only hope that the babies don’t end up with cancer though. I thought that was a problem with Crispr.

No, not at all. There was an assumption that we all would go for genetically modified kids. My point is that it would depend on lots of other things.

I would be more interested in using genetic technology to make people live longer and more healthy. It would be really cool if everyone can live to 1000 year old and maintain your current health.

Time to watch Gattaca again…

It’s not something I’d do.

People living alone in mountains are enemies of the state or hate contact with other humans for racist, economic, political, whatever reasons. :sweat_smile:

Great thread on reddit. the summary is - this never needed to be done. There is many ways the unborn children could have been safely protected from HIV even with a HIV positive father. The accuracy of CRISPR sucks and there is bunch of other latent changes that no one can predict how will play out. The doctor is likely lying.

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Thank you for that summary. Very very enlightening.

Please, don’t bring science to republicans. They don’t believe in it. Global warming for example. :smile: