Getting advice for current home and future home


Uh, I have bought every home I own via private sale. Have you? The day I closed on my Sunset home, I had already made over 100K easily. I stole that house from under a really well known realtor that lives on my street. He was so surprised, since well it is his job and livelihood to know everything especially all homes on his block, no? Even the the San Bruno home I just stole, err, bought was interestingly assessed 200k+ over my purchase price. I of course just called the assessor office to complain and to understand their methodology before appealing again if necessary. Well, he said that the recent sales in my area of San Bruno averaged or were above 1.5M, hence my valuation. Apparently, my lot is one of the biggest in my immediate area. Please, I know what I am doing.

Just because I want a 2nd opinion from someone is not necessarily dumb…


Don’t ignore your wife. Even if you’re right, and she’s wrong. It will bite you in the end.


That’s because the people who think about money are on the forum, and those who don’t aren’t. My husband is just now saying we should talk to a financial advisor. I’ve been saying it for a while.


Agreed. And isn’t it their job to be up to date on the latest laws? You don’t want to miss out on something just because it wasn’t in your news feed.


No need to boast your ability. We already know your limitations.


What is that? I don’t know…
To me, @sfdragonboy is real estate guru.


He lacks the courage and willingness to go above and beyond accumulating more assets.


Meanwhile eat humble pie :slight_smile:


Time for you to be more courageous and move into overseas market. Many of us own overseas property e.g. India, South Korea, HK and Singapore. Take a baby step, go buy something in Austin or Seattle or RTP or Las Vegas/ Henderson.


Why be stupid and stretch yourself thin by having to remotely control your holdings? Be smart with your money and buy right where you live. Saves tons of overhead cost.


It is not ignoring per se, more like trying to convince otherwise.


Look like ptieman and you have the same thinking. You might want to read what Jack Ma has to say about investors, managers and professionals.


I’m still in wealth accumulation mode. So I need to be lean and mean. When I have money flying out of my pockets in the future, I wouldn’t mind acquiring a couple of trophy properties out of area.


Remote investing in RE is not easy, especially for residential.

Scaling up is a major obstacle for RE investors. Better safe than sorry. It’s better to grow slowly than lose quickly.


This paragraph contradicts or counters your below statements.

Perhaps, hanera may be in such a situation now ! :rofl:


They are not contradictory statements. Different people are at different stages in their investment lifecycle.


He is not serious. @tomato talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk.


Your mindset is limiting you in reaching your potential. Free your mind!


It conjures the picture of tomato got trampled over at home.


Hehe, well as i clarified, ignore your wife and make the financial decision that makes the most sense, and then convince her the same. That’s the way to do it.