Getting advice for current home and future home


I’m quite sure your wife is happy with where she is right now. I would be too if I were her… :rofl:


Men who cheat on their wives also think that way. Sometimes it backfires I heard.


heard of it first time here. what?


Don’t worry, sometimes only.


I don’t think i got what he tried to say though


I am learning to speak in code words like @hanera does.

By the way @James sorry for peeing all over your thread, did you get your question answered? :smile:


Huh? You fail to achieve “clear enough to convict, vague enough not to commit”.


You can pretend to buy a rental property while ignoring your wife. Later, you do some remodel. She may end up loving it and agree to move in with you.


Emphasis: learning.


If young, buy the worst house with large sized lot in the best location . Lots of time to update, tear down, remodel, etc. Be closest to major work center as possible.

If older, buy in most convenient location (whatever that is ie family, shopping, restaurants, friends, medical care, beauty) with minimal need for remodel or tear down.


It is not the courage and willingness that I lack, it is the number of years left. Yes, if I were like you and younger there would be no excuse to not try to max it out if prudent to when I have the know how, the contacts and the cash/equity line just waiting to be deployed into action. But, the reality is that we are both over 50 and we have no children. I’ve owned some type of investment property shortly out of undergrad. I’ve worked since early teens. That, is a long time of working and having all that responsibility of home ownership and fielding renter calls. What is the point of accumulating more than my current 3 houses to only one day relinquish it all to either Uncle Sam or some lottery hitting family member???


Just give it to me dad :slight_smile:

Wqj: everyone has a different goal in life. Leave my stepdad alone :slight_smile:


I’m glad you guys found each other…


I think your comment is very good insight. Young still accountable below 40?


Haha. But I am enjoy the conversation!


Maybe not, but his comment was venturing out beyond his leash. Just pulling him back. Gotta keep him in his place.


Glad you are enjoying the conversation. Every one of them on this board ends like this :confused:

Do you have more questions? Maybe you can point the conversation back towards your issue and away from the rams butting heads.


How to change positive cash flow?


Your only option is to put more money down and re-ammortize the mortgage. I’m not sure it’s worth it with how low rates are.


cash flow is more negative than just 54845.32 - 47400 = 7445.32
he assume full 12 months of rent and 0 maintenence + PM fee.
may i ask what do you do for a living? you and your wife both working? same field?