Getting advice for current home and future home


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Silver creek has all cash buyer… speechless…
Two cash buyer and sold out. Closing 7 days.



It’s ok. It’s too expensive anyways. Silver creek is too far removed. I would look in WSJ instead…


You mean selling later is hard if I purchased?


Yes, absolutely. I know somebody who sold his Cupertino condo in 2005 and bought a mansion in Silver Creek to live in. 10 years later, the value of the Cupertino condo doubled, but the Silver Creek home remained at the same value :scream:


With 1.8-2m budget, i would look at SFH in WSJ first (preferably cupertino school district but prospect high is good too).
Then, Campbell and Cambrian Park.
Silver Creek is way too far.


Yes, I had many like that during 2008. But you will not get this beautiful home to settle once for all. I hate commute to Santa Clara (for James).

Similar homes in WSJ is above 2.8M or way more depending on school assigned.

I do not deny both of you about WSJ, but he will get a shack in WSJ for the amount, almost 30% construction quality (very old…I mean) of what silver creek home is. The land value in WSJ is higher than structure value in WSJ.

Campbell and Cambrian Park are best, again similar homes costs $2.25M or more.

It is between good quality building in Silver Creek or shack in WSJ.

For appreciation, any homes near by Apple or Nvidia or Google or Facebook or Netflix goes up as they get cash buyers too.

The price of the silver creek is attractive and definitely cash buyers will be there as this single story 3000 sqft large lot home, everything is premium in this home.

Similar home I lost here, 5 bids , winner is a lawyer.


Most important factors in real estate: location, location, location.

And Silver Creek/Evergreen does not satisfy any of these factors. Silver Creek/Evergreen is positive on house, good to average on school (depending if it is Silver Creek HS vs Evergreen HS), and negative in location (proximity to jobs). So if you really want a huge house, and willing to give up on appreciation and commute, then go for Silver Creek/Evergreen. I personally would buy a smaller house in better location.


Almaden valley should be consider as well.


Un-incorporated Cambrian is the best because it falls in no city and avoids all the stupidity associated with restrictive building .

As long as you meet the setbacks , the county in n2 zone doesn’t care about the FAR.

Just submitted plans to build about 5000 sq feet homes for 2 old shacks over here .

Long term bullish on this area with close proximity to jobs ( Netflix , Roku , future google HQ , Apple )

I don’t like Almaden and evergreen …they are too far from feeewways and there is no downtown to stroll near by.


Should follow the big guy here :slight_smile:


Cambrian and Campbell (near by Los Gatos schools) are good for value, esp large lots. Commute is still there.

If James gets some large lots in 95117,again old homes, that is great as it reduces commute and near by companies (like apple).

Evergreen (95138) silver creek is newer home, established neighborhood. Traffic 101 hwy or 85 hwy are worst.

Almaden (95120) is old neighborhood, but schools are good. Traffic 101 hwy or 85 hwy are worst.

With all these in mind, when I tried a home, I was focusing around 95117, 95126 (Rose Garden) and 95125 (willow glen) for easier commute.

Avoiding traffic is better. If cash available in future, we can rebuild entire home, but not location.


Update. the one I like it, 1.898,888 listed and sold as 1.950,000. Even I can go a little bit further but seller will accept full cash buyer. :frowning:


Which area?


Is there any downtown close to Cambrian?