Gleaming park-like yard

“Park Like yard, bocce ball court, huge brick patio, lush plantings with massive lawn. Yard has well service and wine cellar possibilities.”

So, out of curiosity–when i look at the map, the yard looks like it is not actually part of the lot, but part of the Hetch Hetchy waterway. Is it appropriate for the realtor to include the yard in the description without mentioning this???

From the photos, it looks like their backyard. I wonder if it’s really 2 lots? The 3,500 sq ft for the lot is way too small for what’s shown in the pictures.

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Agreed. Very odd. My guess is that they walled it off, but if necessary, a bulldozer can come through and rip it all up to get at the pipes.

Doesn’t look to gleaming to me. Do people love bocce balls here? I’d rather have a play set for the kids.

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