Glen Park Cliff's Notes

What is it about Glen Park???

Glen Park is my favorite part of the city. I just got outbid on a small single family there in 2016. I bid the very max I could qualify for, no contingencies, and it went for 25K more :frowning: It was a great deal. My place in the mission is probably better for my age/lifestyle right now but I just hope when I’m ready for GP the prices haven’t run too high!

The area around the Glen Park BART is so nice and clean relative to other city BART stations. The stores are also super convenient and cute without having as much yuppie-tech-millionaire factor like Noe. I love Glen Canyon market. The deli in there is so good. It all feels like a small neighborhood in a regular city with regular people. Fewer San Francisco extremes (poop, tents coupled with extreme trendiness, hipsters!) It is easy to get to the freeway too. Glen Park has a special place in my heart!


I worked in Glen Park in 1982. Great neighborhood. Better weather than most. Felt like the burbs and could get anywhere in SF quickly. Plus it was only 25 min to my house in Belmont. It still looks the same.


Wow, what love for Glen Park!!! You shouldn’t do that, prices just went up again…:wink:

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Ahh you’re right! My friends like Noe much better but this is a more receptive (older?) crowd. If this forum gets too popular @manch I’ll have to delete my ode to glen park!

I miss the Glen Park Station . A classic SF Irish locals bar. I haven’t been there in 30years

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Sounds like you need to come down the mountain and visit. The poop and needles (well, watch out for those) won’t bite you…

The canyon in GP is good for a quick weekend hike. Very peaceful. You can hike up to diamond heights and have dinner at the Chinese restaurant there. It’s not bad.

What? That place in the small Safeway mall? Come on, Fearless Leader!!!

What? You don’t like that restaurant? It’s not great but no too bad either. Beats your chicken wing place pants down.

We used to eat at Emmys on Monterey. Probably long gone. Moved to Ocean?

Wow, I remember Emmy’s there on Monterey. Yes, that corner site has changed hands I believe numerous times. It is tough around there, with other competition (one right across the street) and the other one across the street near the Safeway where our beloved Mayor Lee shopped.

There is a great table tennis league held at the gym at St Johns in Glen Park every weekend.

I have a free place to stay in Bernal Heights. A cute artist shack worth $2m. My wife will stay there next month. When I leave the hill I like to go somewhere warm. Have been looking at houses in El Dorado Hills.
For $2m you can get a new 6000sf mansion on an acre with a pool tennis court and a view of Folsom Lake.
1.5 hrs away. For $650k a 3000sf older house on a half acre.
Good for the 6 months a year when I am not skiing or boating in Tahoe. And 20 degrees warmer.

Here is a castle for $3m ask . Worth $2m

Trade your Sunset tract house for this baby. And have enough left over for a Tahoe cabin.

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Sacramento suburbs wouldn’t appeal to us, but I think your small town is definitely doable for a short spell say when we retire and need a temp home while construction is being done in Chinatown. Here is a crazy idea but an idea I can totally do: I sell/exchange the Fremont home after remodeling it for a SLT home which I will rent out in accordance with 1031 guidelines and then do the same thing by moving in after a few years. Wifey always wanted to see snow falling in real life…

I got the perfect exchange for you, with a tenant

Wow, what service! So again, if I buy a place ON THE NEVADA side of Lake Tahoe, what are the benefits again? No taxes right? What else?

Nevada doesn’t have the South Lake Tahoe City government…No restrictions on short term rentals

Sounds pretty good…