Glen Park Home Cracks The 5M Mark

Ok, Fearless Leader, I concede on this one… (but will say, the 8 in the address had something to do with it)

Man, Glen Park has fully arrived. Coming out of Noe’s shadow…

I don’t like the look of this house though. For 5M I would definitely have bought the firehouse.

Well, for most people when they buy, they do think about resale value. The firehouse, while admittingly cool, is just not going to be for everyone. The “regular” looking house most likely will.

I used to work in Glen Park in 1982. Is was a gritty working class neighborhood… Glen Park Station was a working class Irish dive bar

Glen Park was good enough for Ed… (RIP)

It ain’t gritty anymore

Wow, impressive… and the address sucks too!!!

That is an impressive backside to any home…

Glen Park is no joke…