Exactly, physical fighting is barbaric and so last civilization.

But we still have many active wars going on around the globe. As long as humans exist we will always slaughter each other. Cyber warfare is just appetizers. You can’t annex Crimea with just cyber warfare. You still need men with guns.

Speaking of China it has a huge surplus of men who can’t find wives. These are dangerous men. China may turn more violent in the next 10 to 20 years.


Grass is not always greener…just sayin

Obama bombed more countries and dropped more bombs than Bush. So dropping bombs isn’t going away.

Those countries can’t bite back :grin:

Not immediately, but they sure do later. We created Bin Laden by our involvement in Afghanistan to indirectly fight Russia. Our continued bombing of foreign countries creates more and more future terrorists. Then apparently the FBI is too incompetent to detain then even when they are told about them. They seem to clear everyone they question.

Jack Ma’s Press conference in KL

Jack Ma keeps pushing for government to let mom and pop businesses to import/export easier. Everywhere he goes he talks about the next phase of globalization is about mom and pop businesses go global. Hope he is right.