‘Go back to California’: Wave of newcomers fuels backlash in Boise

“If you come here and love it, everything’s fine,” Roscoe said. “If you come here and fly that California flag in your driveway and have stickers on your car that say, ‘Santa Cruz,’ there’s going to be some hard feelings.”

@ptiemann would not fit in there… :smile:

The median home price in Ada County, where Boise is located, has risen 19.3% since February 2018, according to the Idaho Statesman. It is now a whopping (for Idaho) $349,994.

And @hanera is ruining Austin with his Californian money… :thinking:

Clearly they need to go to inclusion training to learn how to not offend new residents. I don’t get people who fly a flag for where they used to live. If the place was so great, then stay here.

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Newcomers are moving here for a better quality of life, but “the very thing they’re leaving in — we know where — Seattle, California, Austin,” they’re bringing to Boise, she said.

Did you read the title or skim only?

Btw, I stay away from places like Boise, where is it? And move to where there are familiar people like techies, and Asians. Btw, I don’t wear Google T-shirt or Hong Kong T-shirt or California T-shirt. I always wear plain color. Nowadays, people are ultra sensitive.

They haven’t liked California for fifty years not news . A buddy moved to Idaho 20 years ago. One driver gave him shit while passing him for being a Californian. My friend came upon him stranded in a ditch a few miles down the road, begging for help. My friend gave him the California salute and drove on.