Go East Bay, Young Man (Woman), Go East Bay

Don’t sell your Oakland property!

We’ll see…I hear Washington is now supposedly gonna tackle tax reform. Please don’t kill 1031 Exchanges!!!

Why can’t they grant 1031 exchange to stocks too?

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Peter Thiel…chided Silicon Valley for being a “one-party” state: "The other side doesn’t care for you, and your side doesn’t care for you because they don’t need to.”

Do something!

Hoffman, who has spent heavily on Democratic candidates, said there is “unquestionably a crisis of democracy”

That’s because people vote for things that are harmful for them and the country as a whole. They don’t even understand what’s going on or the implications of their vote.

“Both agreed that the current political polarization of the U.S. will ultimately hinder Silicon Valley.”

The valley is one of the most politically polarized areas in the entire country. Just look at the percent that voted for Clinton.

SF 85%
San Mateo 76%
Santa Clara 73%

He also said China was in a mighty bubble in 2002. Well, it’s been bubbling up a lot more the past 15 years I am sure the bubble is now a million times the size of his net worth… :rofl:

That goes on both sides. Rural whites are voting to have their health benefits cut.

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When did Trump say he’d cut medicaid? I’m talking about actually lowering medicaid spending. There is a plan to slow the rate of increase in medicaid spending through lower reimbursement rates. Medicaid spending would still be increasing at more than 2x the rate of inflation. The plan was to block grant the money to the states and let the states make the decisions. That way government closer to the people is making the decisions.

He’s against the individual mandate which forces people to buy insurance. That’s very different from medicaid.

A big part of Obamacare is the Medicaid expansion. Why do you think the individual mandate is there in the first place? Because the Democrats like to be hated for nothing?

Who said anything about eliminating medicaid expansion? The individual mandate is there to force young and healthy people to pay insurance premiums to offset the cost of the sick. It didn’t work that well.

Or, even more east…

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I like Pleasanton and Dublin. It has lots of Indians which reminds me a lot of South Bay. Strangely there aren’t that many Indians in SF given its vibrant tech scene. Maybe people with families don’t want to move to SF?

I am typing this from the sweet @tomato in Pleasanton. It’s packed solid!

Too hot over there in the summer time…

Living in Sunset all your life has made you 100% vulnerable to heat… :rofl:

@tomato is indeed a sweet person… :rofl:

Sweet Tomatoes is always packed. It’s cheap.