Good looking in Alameda

Another reminder how affordable East Bay is, well, compared to the West Bay.

Schools are pretty OK in Alameda. I seriously thought about settling there a couple times in the past. 3 Bed 2 Bath 1700 ft. Asking 875K.

But will global warming wipe out the entire island of Alameda? :scream:

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No, Alameda has been very hot and on everyone’s radar for some time now. I have co-workers who live in the Bay Farm side. Very nice actually. But again, you are on an island so you do have to work your way through Oakland to the bridge or take ferries. Great, if you can do it.

Alameda got so hot that renters mobilized and fought back recently.

Asking for 875K. SOLD for 1M.

Who do they think they are, an HOA??? (LOL!!!)