Good or Bad For Elk Grove?

They usually bring more tourism but also crime and drugs.

Agreed, but with so many other Indian casinos nearby I would think you cannibalize the gaming revenue received in that area to a certain extent.

Bad for Reno, good for Sacramento

How many jobs can it create directly and indirectly? And how many years will it take to build?

Sacramento also has several casinos in the area already with Thunder Valley and Red Hawk and let’s not forget Cache Creek. Too many trying to grab folks in…

All these other casinos are far away in the middle of nowhere. Elk Grove is a small size city very right next to Sac.

Not really far. Come on, old Chinese people take buses from the Richmond to River Rock. They are all reasonably close by and who in Sacramento doesn’t drive to go somewhere?

Chinese people will go anywhere however far to gamble. Come on now. If they can gamble their money away as close by as EG why bother with all the other creeks.

Agreed, that’s my point in general. All this new casino does is just take some gambling business away from the other ones that were previously nearest by.