Good Podcast on RealEstate tax

I learned couple of things in the podcast, definitely recommend it even if you have CPA

  1. Since Sept 2017, 100% on Bonus depreciation which previously was 50% - so be careful to look into detail while filing tax now.
  2. There is a way to sell your stock (and not paying capital gain) and invest in real estate (exception required) and maybe not pay tax at all. They even use @hanera as example by selling Apple stock

Also I am curious if any of you guys have done Cost segregation on your investment on SFH? Or is it suited only for Multi-Family?


AAPL is often used because it is owned by a huge number of retail investors. So any ideas targeted to consumers prefer to use AAPLs. Will read the article after market close :slight_smile:

Did they touch on the pass through aspect of the new tax law or are they too waiting for IRS interpretation?

They did talk about the pass through and the multiple LLCs.

We talk about these issues in a weekly basis at our office. We have seen Realtors interested on helping their clients with our famous expense recapture programs.

One thing though, if you call yourself a real estate investor and are not listening to these guys, I don’t know what to say :wink:

They did touch on it and confirmed that you don’t need LLC to qualify, Individual would do. But still waiting for guidance on exactly what sort of income you can claim.

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No legal entity needed.

The payment of taxes on stocks can be deducted while you put them into something called investment opportunity or so, but that definition and regulations are not in place. They also disappeared in 10 years if you keep them there. Hard to understand for me when I am cooking and the damn fumes extractos is humming. :smiley: