Google grabs dozens of Sunnyvale properties, with a combined value of at least $800 million

SUNNYVALE — Google has bought roughly four dozen properties in Sunnyvale with a combined value of around $800 million, setting the stage for what may be another major expansion of the tech titan’s Silicon Valley operations.

The properties are located on 13 different streets in a Sunnyvale business area known as Moffett Park, and the move comes as Google also explores a plan to build a massive tech campus in downtown San Jose.

The buildings Google has bought provide combined space of at least 2.3 million square feet, according to this news organization’s review of numerous property brochures and flyers for all of the properties. Google would not disclose its plans for the properties.


Apple, Facebook and Google have been on a land grab for several years. Buy first, think about what to do with them later.

Dang! Instead of Fremont should I have bought in Sunnyvale?? But the schools were bad in Sunnyvale for $1Mil or below properties in 2015…

Roads in that area are not very broad. Wonder what happens to traffic when those Offices come online.

Google would have to pay for the expansion of the roads or whatever need to be done to reduce the impact of traffic jam.

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Google is hiring people to do what exactly?

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This is interesting – do we know how many of those properties were occupied? I drive that stretch of 237 quite often and marvel at the amount of “for lease” commercial real estate. There are vacant buildings up and down great america and north first as well. I’ve often wondered what would happen to traffic if all unoccupied buildings in that area were at 100% occupancy…

Will all these buildings used by Google? I started worrying about an office space surplus. When the next tech slowdown happens, you maybe able to buy offices at discount.

Apple and Facebook are building massive new offices. Google is buying and already bought RWC.

Other than these 3, other companies in SV is pretty subdued