Google grabs Sunnyvale building as footprint widens

Google has widened a Sunnyvale expansion that has dazzled experts and observers, extending its growth spurt in the Moffett Park district through the purchase of a nondescript building at what’s deemed to be a high price.

Blue Angels LLC, an entity with direct ties to Google, and with offices at the tech giant’s headquarters, paid $18.9 million on Sept. 14 for a low-slung industrial building at 1190 Borregas Ave. in Sunnyvale. The building totals just under 33,000 square feet and the price works out to $576 a square foot.

“You really don’t see anybody else paying this much, except for Google,” said Chad Leiker, a first vice president with Kidder Mathews, a commercial real estate brokerage.

Sunnyvale rocking the overbids…


looks like cash offer.

So the 800K overbid family already made 200K equity?

Make it stop… :scream: :scream: :scream:

Yep, maybe even more. Big oversized lot compared to this.

Raise your hand if you made 200K in a week… :thinking:

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This is 1400$/ft . Way too much.