Google, San Jose plan search giant’s downtown expansion; up to 20,000 jobs possible



The EPA happened, along with a lot of federal, state, and local regulations.


20k workers in a city of 1M? A big deal?

This train station will become a center of offices. Maybe some retails, condos and apartments. But with Google as the owner, maybe mainly office buildings. Is it going to be 5 stories or 30 stories?

20k worker building is nothing in SF.

And will it be built? Does google really need to hire 20k workers in a few years? Will this project be 10-20 years away?


May be relocate HQ from MV to SJ. Short MV, long SJ :slight_smile:


EPA, OSHA, unions, lazy fat workers, anti growth movement. …Thousands of reasons why our collective construction prowess is less than it was 80 years ago…Despite advances in technology, machinery and techniques. …


Yes, let’s call it the Google Effect…


So, can I laugh about those…excuse my French…idiots who were criticizing E San Jose?

Let me elaborate.

We recently had a headache for about 2 years during the construction of what I always forget its name, the rapid transit bullchit. It allegedly called for the price of properties to go up. I didn’t want to believe on some quick gentrification but it has been going relentlessly no matter what.

I posted a picture of a bunch of for sale signs bunched on the front entrance of a housing complex. The units are being sold as pancakes. Why? Because as I said on a topic, you need to have a futuristic vision and anticipate the events. So, I believe people are seeing that down town SJ eventually will need an upgrade and they know they can’t compete against sharks, so they settle in the burbs.

Although I can say all it’s rosy, I would have a word of advise to not get that crazy. If you drive from King Rd. to Jackson Ave. on Alum Rock, you will see to your left more than a few units ready to be leased but nobody is moving in. Maybe they need Google around?

The reason we got our home is because many heard the bs from others who said E San Jose was full of crimes or whatever. Those cowards may have paid a price by now.


Again, back to basic risk and reward right? Obviously let’s use our “tentative” Fearless Leader’s neighborhood, Bayview (or until he says otherwise). Yes, current day still kind of dicey, especially if you have to take public tranny and at a late hour. Not the safest place to be, right? Buuuut, if you can drive everywhere and can wait it out, sure it will (not just probably) become decent and thriving. We all would love to eat steak from the beginning, but sometimes its hamburger at the start…


Google New Campus is already in a lot of listing description :slight_smile:


I think it will take 5 years right? It’s pretty likely we will have a recession between now and 2022, and we don’t even know what shape Google will be in come 2022.

Years ago Cisco bought up big pieces of land in South San Jose close to Morgan Hill. They had planned to build a big campus down there. But then dot-com happened and Cisco is now a shell of its former self.


Hey, mind as well use the newest shade of lipstick…

Where have you been, @myo???


Something will happen with that land now that the A’s stadium is fully off the table. Diridon is going to be the largest transit hub west of the Mississippi.


Do I hear HSR?


It’s supposed to go in there. BART will too.


Come on, that was never near the table. That was in…Bayview. Giants have territorial rights and the courts have agreed. Tell the bum A’s owner to take the summer class held by the Warrior’s owner Lacob to learn how its done. Build it in Oaktown and stop selling off your grade A players…how do you expect fans to want to come see your shoddy product???


The area where I live, King Rd, Mckee, Alum Rock, it’s very peaceful during the day. Lots of business open, so there’s no fear or no violence to report. You know, something where you say I can’t go out. After 10 PM, I believe any area in this country is up for discussion if it’s dangerous or not.

Speaking of downtown SJ:
I remember, and I believe I told this event. I attended an open house with this realtor whom would start the price of the property so low a bidding war would ensue. We put our bid, thinking, very naïve then, that we would win at $275K when it started at $150K. It was sold for $325K. They may be able to get $800K right now.

That’s the first time I felt repulsion for a worthless realtor. She said she wouldn’t even show up at an open house for that price $150K. She got the nerve to call me 6 months ago to see if I needed some help. I can’t write here what I said to her :triumph:


You know, if it weren’t for that crazy-arse driver recently I would have said well Time Square in NY is pretty safe after 10pm since it is crawling with cops and people. Same with Vegas, but sheet happens there too. Ok, South Lake Tahoe. I would feel pretty safe there after 10pm walking around. (Plug for @Elt1).

A RE agent’s job is tough. Unless, you’re The Machine, but that is for another thread. If you are like most agents I bet it is kinda hard out there. Hard to get the listings and your buyers are not winning all of the bids. If my neighbor down the street can be humbled essentially after being in the biz for what 30+ years, imagine how hard it would be on a rookie? I find it funny (or sad actually) that he can not find a property even for his family member. Come on!!!


More on Google’s expansion -


Anyone who follows 280 and 101 traffic knows the bulk of Google employees live east and/or south of Mountain View. Moving the jobs south and east should create less overall traffic/

When are people going to realize the government is the enemy and not the tech companies? Tech companies are creating all these $100k+ jobs and creating millionaires. The amount of tax revenue that creates for the state is insane. The sales tax revenue from them spending the money is also insane. Then there’s all the jobs they create spending that money. Yet , the state and local governments can’t seem to do their jobs despite the windfall of tax revenue. Blame the government for lack of housing. They create the zoning rules and set the permit fees that restrict development. The government is always decades behind on transportation projects. Tech companies are helping to solve the traffic problem by providing buses for employees.



Amazon is arriving downtown SJ too?