Google, San Jose plan search giant’s downtown expansion; up to 20,000 jobs possible


Whatever happened to the mystery tenant for 1st and Brokaw? They are finally building the offices.

How long will plan like this take to be in operation? 5 yrs?

Hopefully enough time for us to buy in the area. :slight_smile:

Diridon will be the largest transit hub west of the Mississippi. I was wondering what would happen to that land after the A’s move was shot down. The area needs redeveloped.

Yea, with Bart extension coming there, think of people from Fremont able to commute to that area by Bart!!

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SJ downtown has lots of untapped potential, esp the part of Santa Clara between 1st and Pavilion. They need a more lively restaurant scene. I really hope this Google deal comes to fruition. We are also seeing more and more tech companies like Apple and Facebook holding conferences in downtown SJ. It’s a home court advantage SJ has failed to take advantage of until now.


So, this should be a slam dunk right???

Looks like I’m selling my townhouse too soon!


"We appreciate that many are looking for the City to mandate conditions on the development and for Google to make commitments on potential amenities. "

People are idiots and 20,000 high paying jobs isn’t enough.

So does this mean that the area around Diridon 95110 zip will become gentrified soon ( and so higher prices, lesser crime,etc ) ? Where else has a similar change happened in the Bay Area ?

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It’s very close to airport. Is noise a big issue?

Also downtown is to the other side of freeway. Is it an issue?

It makes me even more bullish on downtown SJ. It should lead to the gentrification of the rest of it. 1st N of Santa Clara before the post office is still a dump. Now the biggest thing is to clean up St James Park. The mayor wants to build an outdoor music venue there, but neighbors are worried about noise and parking. They keep selling off parking lots to develop, and the new developments don’t include public parking.

Noise from planes was not an issue for me when I worked in the downtown area a few years ago. How it would affect you when you have a house there is a different question. I’ve always found downtown to be this weird mix of office buildings, friday farmer’s market and then homeless people clustered around the VTA station and the post office.

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Reallocate assets to San Ho now???

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I see why San Jose is pushing for urban village projects so hard these days and Cupertino residents are trying to push back.
Well, I am afraid that my lifestyle as a suburbian will end soon.
San Jose area is going to be crowded from now on.

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Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Amazing actually that it took so long for one of the big boys to do this.

Once this happens, BART should hopefully extend to downtown SJ and then if I have my way, that will continue up North to the Fab 7x7. Having a separate Caltrain line to me at that point won’t make as much sense.

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BART extension to Diridon was already approved with a SC county sales tax increase. I’m not sure the estimated completion date.

2027 iirc

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What happened to these projects? The Hoover dam was built in 5-years. Now we have much better equipment and projects take much longer and cost far more in inflation adjusted dollars.