Googlers are warned

Just because you’re good at software engineering, don’t get too political, do your work.

Most recently, a Wall Street Journal story revealed that in early 2017, some Google employees were internally discussing ways to manipulate search results in protest of Trump’s travel ban.

We need a way to control evil intentions of some SWEs, the nightmare is becoming true.

However, political pressure on Google is mounting. The White House is considering an antitrust investigation into “online platform bias” at Google and Facebook, it was reported on Saturday.

Sell the rumor buy on news? When would White House be announcing the investigation? What is the correct GTC purchase price?


I posted what Dorsey said about political bias at twitter. It’s going to become a HUGE problem for social media companies.


Tech companies should be subject to anti-trust investigations just like all other companies. But we should look at it from an economic angle, not an ideological one. Forcing Google and Facebook to show more conservative contents sounds to me exactly the same as the Chinese Communist Party forcing Tencent and Baidu to display party approved material.


Google is unfortunately very political. I have had republican friends who is uncomfortable with the way people address him time to time. He is unpopular, as a result.


We can’t force employees to be nice to each other. If I openly subscribe to child marriages or cannibalism I am pretty sure I will be unpopular. Then what? Should the government force people to be nice to me?

It boils down to whether people with different political views is a “protected class”. How do you even define “political views”? That would have many implications under our anti discrimination law framework.

We can’t force employees to be nice to each other.
That’s the problem. That is one reason where people with very liberal views are aggressive towards others. Respect is required regardless. If you don’t support someone, then fine, counter him with logic, not with mockery, attitude etc.


It’s a mirror of the current hyper partisan environment. In a way it’s also related to housing. The country self sorted into mostly liberal areas and mostly conservative areas. If our housing is cheaper we will have a more diverse set of people living next to us. It’s hard to demonize a view if you know people personally holding that view.


It’s about them applying rules evenly. Twitter has standards or conduct. They aren’t enforced evenly. You can be as racist as you want agaisnt white people. Facebook does the same. Google suppresses search results.

I didn’t realize the NYT best seller list isn’t based on sales. It’s based on their opinion. They treat liberal and conservative books differently. They blatantly favor liberal books even if the sales suck.

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Hahaha. Let those conservative people get mocked with attitude and punished unfairly. About time. Trump, his agenda, and his followers will get punished too, in due time. Minority and women power all the way!!! Amnesty and citizenship to all illegals and refugees!!! Gay pride and Muslim pride!!! :rofl: