Great, Another One Bites The Dust



Creeping communism. .Raise your rents as high as you can before it hits your town…Of course shfs are usally exempt…


How progressive. :angry:

Even their police department wants in on the trend:

I can’t tell you how many municipal job ads I see where the municipality or other governmental unit touts itself as “progressive”. It’s disturbing that a political position such as that can become part of a public agency’s self-description or even mission statement.


Sorry, Fearless Leader, we know how you like book stores…

It was a losing cause quite frankly…anyone could have saw it coming


The bookstores in this country don’t get it. The Taiwanese bookstore in HK I went to sells books, but makes most of its money on selling high end pens, drinks and even handmade soap. Just straight selling books won’t work. Except maybe Amazon. But Amazon makes money selling its Prime membership. It doesn’t need to care about making money on books.


Dude, this is downtown Oakland…unless you are selling weed or sex, no one is coming at 8pm on a Wednesday night…


Fine. Weed and books are interesting mix don’t you say?


I don’t know, on the left we have a copy of War and Peace and on the right, a lovely lady wanting a lil war and piece… you know I lean Right…




It always amazes me how Green Apple is still in business in Inner Richmond.


Good point. I wonder if they own the building or something like that so that the lease or rent is low enough that surviving is somewhat doable. Watch we find out that it is a front for a gambling den…


Or a place to meet beautiful señoritas = Escorts.


Sorry, Fearless Leader, another one bites the dust…


Not a bookstore, but a top culinary school…


Oh c’mon. It’s very simple. Just open up Starbucks inside the B&N-- every corner of it. With enough latte’s and couches, B&N will be hopping again.


Not that I can’t wax nostalgic myself but, this was spoken the same as any starving artist might. Could of, should of, would of.

But not changing with the times.


Wow, the Mickey D’s by GGP is done…


Where will the homeless eat?