Great architect recommendation to get me through Los Altos Hills planning

Hi everyone, I’m considering buying a property in Los Altos Hills which has an access road that does not meet the fire code minimum width of 20 ft. By the easements it looks like it should be 25 ft, however it is mostly 18 ft. I’m unsure it can be widened as it borders 7 other lots. I need someone who is familiar with LAH building rules, someone who knows how to talk to the planners and FD. Any help is appreciated. Many thanks!

Does the prelim title report show how wide the easement access road is?

For something like this you can go to LAH permit counter and talk to the planner directly.

Or you can go there and request to see the plans of some active projects, and jog down architect information then start calling.


Prelim title report shows 25 ft wide easements. Current road is between 18 ft and 19 ft. Neighbors’ fences are slightly over easement at some sections. Current owner is recommending filing an alternate means/method request (AMMR) with the Fire Department, however the architect from previous offer tried it and they didn’t approve.

Talk to the neighbor and see if they are willing to move the fence by a few feet? You have the easement so it should be within your rights.

Unfortunately, in this case you are fighting the the Santa Clara County / State requirements on the easement and not the LAH town.

Looks like you are eyeing the lot near 280 off of Elena. Challenge is that the Ct you want to make it 20 ft is super steep - even if the neighbors agree to widening, it is going to cost a lot for the entire section.